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Obama in My House:

A house divided by the man who was supposed to bring us all together:

The tension that came over my house with my daughter-in-law’s words was chilling. In my normally peaceful home my wife and her 26-year-old college educated, ethnic studies degree, “Christian” daughter barbed back and forth with each other after her gloating statement, “Well I guess we won and you lost”. Which was followed by the ethnic studies expert’s brag, “Finally America has gotten over our prejudice and elected an African American as president”. I am sure that all over America conversations such as this one are abundant.

You see my wife, who is 100% Asian and her daughter who is 50% Asian and 50% Caucasian, have been talking about the election for the last few weeks. My wife, who is a 100% devout Bible believing Christian, had been trying to convince her daughter, who had been raised as a Bible believing Christian but now has shown that she believes what is convenient in the Bible, that increasing abortions, allowing gay marriages, turning away from Israel, and redistribution of wealth through taxes were all reasons to not vote for Obama. Now finally the true reason her daughter voted for Obama came out; at least partly because of his ethnicity. And I am the one leftist bloggers call a racist, go figure!

I am sure that his riff will subside as time moves forward. We may never see eye to eye on President elect Obama’s policies, and politics, but we will find a way to have peace in our home.

Obama has succeeded in dividing Christians in America:

In California where they passed the the Protect Marriage Act with “nearly 70 percent of black voters and a slight majority of Hispanic voters a majority of those voted for Obama” (Yahoo News). Those same African American voters overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Many of those voters are Christians. Sounds like they were voting for a personality not policy when they voted for Obama. Obviously many Christians had to have voted for Obama which means they must support abortion on a whim, marriage of people of the same sex, turning away from Israel, weakening our military, and redistribution of wealth; which in my book is stealing. By dividing Christians we are weakened;

But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them:

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation,

and a house divided against a house falls.

(Luke 11:17)

Before all of my detractors out there call me a racist,

Let me tell you that I am just reporting what is fact. The events above actually happened in my living room and in California. My vote went to the person who came closest to my personal beliefs and my beliefs in the inherent word of God, the Bible. If Justice Thomas, Condoleezza Rice or someone of their stature and with their beliefs were to run for president I would be totally on board. For the record my pastor is African American and proud of it; praise God he did not support Obama. I know that I can’t win on this issue, especially with my daughter-in-law and leftists who read my blog, but for the “open-minded” folks out there I know you will understand.

So were do we go from here?

Winston Churchill once said,

“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart,

if your not a conservative at forty you have no brain”

In my house I will try to keep the peace;

after all my children and step-children are young and educated in liberal schools and liberal colleges, they will all be over 40 someday. At my work I will try and keep the peace. In my country I will try and keep the peace. We have a new President, he is every American’s President not just those on the left. I will support him as much as I can except for the issues that I believe go against God’s word. At this point his race is of no consequence to me, his politics and world view are everything, how he governs is what is important.

“God guide the hand of our President Barack Obama”. Amen!

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Is Obama Ready for this?

Would Russian be so bold if McCain won?

From Hot Air:

Russia has some change ready for Obama

posted at 10:30 am on November 6, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

“Change”, in this case, consists of missile deployments on the frontiers of NATO. Russian president Dmitri Medvedev announced the move yesterday in a speech that never once mentioned the new American President-elect, but caustically criticized the Western approach to Moscow. Medvedev also reversed course on missile disarmament in western Russia: (More on Russian build up)

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The Racial Divide Continues

From Malkin:

New national anthem: “My president is black”

By Michelle Malkin • November 6, 2008 03:37 PM

There is a new national slogan/anthem catching on among America’s youth. It’s a popular rap song, a t-shirt, and a taunting chant.


Go ahead and Google it. They’re blasting it on the streets of Chicago, saying it like a prayer in Durham, singing it on campus, and putting it on their kids’ clothes in Harlem.

Scenes like this were repeated across the country after Election Day:(more Malkin)


From Hot Air:

Quote of the day

posted at 10:40 pm on November 6, 2008 by Allahpundit

“Less than fifty years ago, African-Americans were barred from public universities, restaurants, and even drinking fountains in many parts of the country. On Tuesday we came together and transcended that shameful legacy, electing an African-American to the country’s top job — which, in fact, appears to be his first actual job. Certainly, it doesn’t mean that racism has disappeared in America, but it is an undeniable mark of progress that a majority of voters no longer consider skin color nor a dangerously gullible naivete as a barrier to the presidency.”

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Obama’s World View

From Malkin:

The A-jad/Obama dialogue begins

By Michelle Malkin • November 6, 2008 12:14 PM

One Dear Leader sends his best regards to another. Can’t wait for the chai-sipping session (via LAT): (Ahmedinejad’s letter to Obama)

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And Congratulations to President Obama

From Hugh Hewitt:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 11:03 PM

It is an extraordinary thing, an achievement that will be recognized a hundred years hence, that Barack Obama has won the White House. Even those of us who opposed him, and who will no doubt be opposed to many of his policy objectives over the next four years, must pause and say congratulations on an improbable, amazing rise.

Every American ought to pray for wisdom and judgment for President-elect Obama, for his safety and the safety of his country, and for the continued prosperity and greatness of America.

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My thoughts exactly!

From Southern Appeal:


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By Joel L (Email) @ 7:06 pm

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am not happy with the results of the election. I believe my country has made a serious mistake. I believe that it will have long term negative ramifications my children, and probably their children, will have to deal with.

That said, the country has spoken and in January Sen Obama will become my Commander-in-Chief. Consequently, while I expect to disagree with many of Mr. Obama’s policies I will have no tolerance for anything that smacks of Obama derangement syndrome. I am aware that the left did not afford President Bush this courtesy and their Bush=Hitler slur was disgraceful in the extreme. Nevertheless, two wrongs don’t make a right. Furthermore, we are better than that.

I recommend the following articles to my fellow conservatives: One by Victor Davis Hanson and one by Jeffery Shapiro.


  1. Well, all those who voted for Obama in order to make history by electing the first black President will no longer have that as a reason to vote for him in 2012 (if our democracy can survive that long without a communist coup).

    It seems to me that a person’s skin color — rather than his/her credentials — is a pretty silly reason to give someone a job. And even if electing a black President is a noble or desireable aspiration, just because we had our first black “applicant” (Barack Obama) show up for an “interview” does not mean we should allow the noble and desireable aspiration to cloud our judgement, as if he would have been the last (or that he is the best) candidate for the job.

    But now the job of CEO has been filled; “the boss” (the American voting public, with a nod from every registered voter who chose not to vote) has given the very first black applicant the job.

    I hope that henceforth we have unclouded and unbiased judgement as we evaluate his job performance over the next few months. We all have a major stake in the success of the “company”. I hope he can pull it off. I hope our competitors won’t walk all over us. I hope he won’t run the company into the ground.

    Sigh. I wish I had more hope than I do.

    And I wish I had more faith in the intelligence and integrity of my fellow Americans during the evaluation period and beyond.

  2. Thanks Zyle,

    That hope thing is a tough one in this election.

    But God has given me a peace..most of the time.

    God is in charge. If we are in a hurricane and our house gets blown into the ocean, God is in charge.

    If we get cancer and end up dying in a hospital, God is in Charge.

    If the American Electorate vote in a leftist, abortionist, Gay marriageist, God is in charge.

    It is almost a numbing feeling, but I feel good.

    It is too late to re-vote, it is too late to change minds for this election. We must begin to look at the long term, 2010, 2012, 2016….

    Saving souls is a great and noble cause to put our passion into. Find a liberal at work, at play, in your family and target them as your project for the next 4 years. Take time to get to know them. Use God’s grace as your lamp. Show them mercy, grace and understanding. At the same time slowly help to educate them to Christ and to love. Then love them to Christ.

    “It is well with my soul”

    God Bless,

  3. Obama isn’t dividing us. Some of “us” are dividing. As an African-American woman, I am fully aware that racism goes both ways. Often times in the past, blacks have reacted to racism rather than perpetuate it. But I am appalled at the recent display of racist behavior demonstrated by “people” who know better. Obama won this election not because he’s black but IN SPITE of being black.

    Hopefully, those acting “ignorant” about it will soon step back and realize what they are doing. It’s not good…not good at all

  4. Roschelle,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Personally, my politics override any thoughts of race. my Christian beliefs override any thoughts of male or female candidates in my vote.

    The Church I belong to is a cross-cultural church. We have an equal number of African Americans and Caucasians with many Asian, Eastern European, Native American, Russian, Middle Eastern and Hispanic members.

    Our pastor is, as he likes to say, “Proud to be a Black Man”. He preaches the Bible and salvation through Jesus with straight talk and no compromise. He lifts up our military and America whenever he can in his sermons and opening greeting.

    One thing he said before the election is that even though he is very proud of his black heritage and proud of his own color, his devotion to Jesus and adherence to the Bible superseded his blackness. He stated that he could not vote for a candidate who supported abortion and gay marriage. He made it clear that those two issues where non-negotiable for a Christian.

    I did not vote for President elect Obama. I will not degrade the Office of the President of the United States. We have to be a strong unified country if possible. I will however resist and comment on any legislation, foreign policy, and governance that I feel is against America’s best interests or against God’s plan for humans.

    I would love to know if you would agree or disagree with my Pastor’s statements. If you are a Christian did your beliefs affect your vote?

    If you voted for Obama could you tell me three policies you are looking forward to that he will enact as President.

    Thank you again Roschelle for your comments.
    God Bless,

  5. Rigg, you are absolutely right about the Christian division over Obama. I brought this up over at the Original Mud Puppy blog just before the election. Obama has exposed the moral relativists within the church. The divide between absolutists and relativists has always existed, but it took a charlatan like Obama to expose it.

    You are right. It is sad to see African-American Christians rejoice over Obama while opposing Proposition 8 in California at the same time. It tells me these people do not know anything about Obama other than the fact that he represents an “end” to racial prejudice.


    You are living in a dream world that does not exist. Obama was elected due to racism—reverse racism. That is no way to elect a president.

    Do you know what induced abortion is? It is a late term abortion involving medically induced labor. The babies are alive and breathing. They are left in a closet by themselves to die. Barack Obama supports it. This is why Rigg and I and other Christians did not vote for him. We are not being divisive for stating the facts about a man, not a black man, but a man.

    Not recognizing reality makes you look ignorant.

  6. Peak9,

    Good points,

    What do you think about the actions of the homosexual community,

    They are surrounding Christian Churches and Mormon Temples. If Obama is the one to bring us together, where is he on intimidation of the Church?
    Obama should condemn this action now!

    To be far to Roschelle I think part of what she is saying is that she does not like it when African Americans discriminate either. But to tell you the truth, I am not sure what her point was.

    Roschelle if you are still out there could you come back and clarify your points.

    Thanks for your comments,
    God Bless

  7. Rigg,

    The attacks on the Mormon Church from the gay mafia demonstrate just how much hate these people possess. This is not shocking sense homosexuality is one of satan’s pet projects.

    You are right about Obama needing to step up and say something. After all, he is against gay marriage. Unfortunately, he will not do it for political reasons. If he calls for gays and lesbians to stop protesting, he will lose their support immediately. He will lose Hollywood and other progressives as well. This is his base and he is not going to jeopardize it.

    I just want to hear one black American acknowledge that Obama benefited from racism. It is a fact. I do not think Rochelle is willing to admit this, because it would blow apart this notion that only whites are racist.

  8. Thanks peak9,

    You are so right about the state of our country.
    Your probably right about Roschelle as well. I was hoping she would clarify her comments.

    It is going to be sad to me to watch as our America becomes something of the past.

    My grandchildren will only know what America was like from stories from their grandfather.

    I hope and pray that President Obama cannot bring down this wonderful country. His words since the election show that he will try with the add of congress.

    Then hopefully in 4 years we will be blessed with a big pendulum swing back to freedom, capitalism, and prosperity.

    God Bless,

  9. I am no longer concerned about Obama. He is going to destroy his own presidency and political career very quickly.

    Rigg, if you want some hope that America will survive, go over to, click on the shows link, The Uprising, then the Full Episodes link. Christian Hosoi and Co. show what Jesus is doing right now to really change this nation. These videos will move you deeply. They are powerful.


  10. Yep, I am not as concerned now either, there is not a whole lot we can do at this point, but watch as Obama’s kingdom crumbles. It is too late to keep him out of the office of the President.

    But, I wonder how long it will take for the people who blindly voted for him to get their reality check.

    my guess is it will take a while and he can do a lot of damage to America on the way. I hope you are right and it is a swift awakening.

    After all it is 4 years before the next Presidential election and 2 years before congress comes up. In that time 2 or 3 liberal Supreme Court Justices can be installed.

    We know that God is in charge, we will be alright in the end.

    I will check out the website,
    Thanks for the link,
    God Bless

  11. peak9

    I’m kinda liken Canton Jones…Yo!

    Jesus, a Healer, Provider!

    Yep, there is hope for the next generation!

    There’s no other name!


  12. Ten things to do for the next 4 years:
    1. Pray, often. Pray for Sarah Palin, Pray for our country, Pray for the unborn, Pray for our military.
    2. Take an imaginary shot of tequila every time I hear the word Change, Hope, Yes we Can. I wish I could do it for real, but alas I am a recovering alcoholic.
    3. Start a campaign fund for the next election. .25 for every time “The One” says change, hope, unite, or Yes we Can. 1.00 for every unscripted question asked / answered at a press conference, 2.00 for each additional bailout to the automakers. and so on.
    4. Learn to bake bread, grow my own food, raise my own chickens, pigs, and goats, economize, economize.
    5. Start e-mail campaign to House and Senate. Enter the telephone #’s on speed dial. Obama says he wants my input, he will get it.
    6. Ponder the newest bipartisan moderate to emerge from the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.
    7. Have a bumper sticker made – In loving memory to 3000 aborted babies every day.
    8. Pray for the health of the current supreme court justices.
    9. Practice saying “I told you so” in a kind, loving and humble manner.
    10. Pray, pray often.

  13. Amen!


    Thank you so much for your thoughts. I am thankful and encouraged that there are still many of us who have Jesus as our hope, our way, our truth, our life.

    You might want to read my post
    “Obama’s In; Now What? – riggword formula for success!

    And add building relationships to your list.

    God Bless,



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