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Obama still the President?

Wow, I must have dozed off for a while!

But, now that I have awakened I have noticed the Barack Obama is still the President.

Guess you just never know. Is it 2012 yet? Did I miss an election? What is going on here?

Obama is still the President, North Korea is rattling it’s swords, the US Army is still fighting in the Middle East, the economy is sluggish, the President has nominated an inexperienced woman for the Supreme Court, America is still divided between liberals and conservatives.

I could swear that I woke up and George Bush is still the President.

Somebody help me here, what is going on?

Oh yeah! That’s it, paint our roofs white!

Ok, I guess Obama is the President.

Gulliver didn’t have it this bad!

From Michelle Malkin:

The Supreme Court high hurdles contest

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 27, 2009 09:33 AM

Able to leap tall life obstacles in a single bound!

Not all “compelling personal stories” are equal
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2009

Since when did securing a Supreme Court seat become a high hurdles contest? The White House and Democrats have turned Second Circuit judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination into a personal Olympics event. Pay no attention to her jurisprudence. She grew up in a Bronx public housing project. She was diagnosed with childhood diabetes at 8. Her father died a year later.

And oh, by the way, did you hear that she was poor?

It’s a “compelling personal story,” as we heard 20,956 times on Tuesday. Sotomayor’s a “real” person. Why, she even read Nancy Drew as a young girl, President Obama told us. She’s “faced down barriers, overcome the odds and lived out the American dream that brought her parents here so long ago,” Obama said.

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Bored with Obama!

Obama policies cannot steal the Peace of the Lord!

No Politician, Dictator, Fascist, nor Terrorist

can steal the Peace that Jesus Christ gives all of us

if we choose to accept his gift.

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

(Matthew 11:28).

Our peace comes from where we place our faith.

Our peace comes from were we find our god.

I choose Jesus Christ, the Lord of the universe.

I choose to follow the God of the Bible.

Who do you choose to follow?

Can I say that lately I have been at peace with the political antics of Obama and his administration. The Lord has given me a peace that I can rely on for my life in this world. My peace comes from my God not from my politics. I must add that I am just plain bored with Obama. What’s interesting to me is that the polling numbers are starting to show that some of the “Glow” is begining to come off of Obama’s halo. After a just a few weeks in the White House the people are begining to sway from the swoon that lead up to the election. Obama is beginning to look like just another average President with many flaws. Of course no one in the liberal press will want to question his effectiveness or ability to lead just yet. But his approval ratings are beginning to look just like a run of hte mill first year President.

From Rasmussent Reports:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 36% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty percent (30%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of +6. The President’s Approval Index ratings have generally been in the +4 to + 8 range for most of the past month.

Overall, 56% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far. With just one exception, the President’s total approval has stayed between 55% and 58% every day for the past month. Forty-three percent (43%) of voters now disapprove. (More information here)

My point is that no matter how much faith we put in politicians they will always let us down. Obama’s will most likely continue to fall as his policies prove to be detrimental to Americans. Of course there will always be those 20 to 30 % who will insist that he is the “Best” President ever. And like all good Presidents who see things not going well at home Obama also has left the country. Obama’s lack of courage during the North Korean threat is obvious. The truth will win out as time goes on. (riggword)

The “Great Obama” Speaks overseas,

From Michelle Malkin:

Which God to you choose to follow?

From Oswald Chambers:


“If thou hadst known . . . in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.” Luke 19:42

Jesus had entered into Jerusalem in triumph, the city was stirred to its foundations; but a strange god was there, the pride of Pharisaism; it was religious and upright, but a “whited sepulchre.”

What is it that blinds me in this “my day”? Have I a strange god – not a disgusting monster, but a disposition that rules me? More than once God has brought me face to face with the strange god and I thought I should have to yield, but I did not do it. I got through the crisis by the skin of my teeth and I find myself in the possession of the strange god still; I am blind to the things which belong to my peace. It is an appalling thing that we can be in the place where the Spirit of God should be getting at us unhinderedly, and yet increase our condemnation in God’s sight.

“If thou hadst known” – God goes direct to the heart, with the tears of Jesus behind. These words imply culpable responsibility; God holds us responsible for what we do not see. “Now they are hid from thine eyes” – because the disposition has never been yielded. The unfathomable sadness of the “might have been!” God never opens doors that have been closed. He opens other doors, but He reminds us that there are doors which we have shut, doors which need never have been shut, imaginations which need never have been sullied. Never be afraid when God brings back the past. Let memory have its way. It is a minister of God with its rebuke and chastisement and sorrow. God will turn the “might have been” into a wonderful culture for the future.

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Obama, when is it too much?

President Obama, sometimes doing nothing is better than doing too much!

First and foremost Politicians desire power and want to hold on to power!

Second they are concerned with their legacy.

What kind of politician would bungle up his legacy and his ability to hold on to power? After avoiding the news and my blog for a week now I have come back and to my surprise I find that Obama has continued to destroy his legacy and his assurance of perpetual power. President Obama here is some advice, “Believe me sometimes doing nothing is better than doing too much!”

Why would a guy who wants to gain and keep power and build a legacy as the first African-American President with the “mandate” to create peace, cooperation, bipartisanship, and good will for all give in to his own self-aggrandizement and supreme ego only to botch his amazing moment in history? Of course as usual if I just keep writing I will answer my own question. Obama can’t help himself. If an 800 Billion Dollar bailout gets attention then why not a 9.3 trillion dollar deficit; why not suggest taxing our health insurance; why not threaten AIG execs and others; why not go on Leno and dis Special Olympians. Why not swagger your way across America’s Boob Tube like a ghost of Sammy Davis Jr. on your way to a Rat Pack meeting on the Strip. All that is missing is the drink and the ever present cigarette, although they are probably both waiting impatiently back stage.

After all Americans have fed Obama’s ego for the last two years why shouldn’t he make “Shoot From the Hip” policies?

Obama has “I can do no wrong” star syndrome. He has bought into and believes the hype that the press (Obama’s press may yet rep it’s rewards) and the public have bestowed upon him. He has drank his own Kool Aid. Obama at this pace is headed for creating a memorable legacy, but not one that will make his grandchildren proud. Why not shoot from the hip? Because he truly believes that he cannot miss.

Oh Boy, Obama’s on the Tube; I can’t wait!

Michelle Malkin has this:

POTUS and TOTUS meet the press: Defensive about AIG, blame-card on debt, blows off charities

By Michelle Malkin • March 24, 2009 07:55 PM

President Obama will hold a news conference tonight in a few minutes, starting at 8pm Eastern. TOTUS is fired up and ready to go, too — but after a few opening remarks, POTUS will fly without a net.

The White House sent out a preview:

From Hot Air:

Open thread: You know what America needs? More Barack Obama on television

posted at 7:31 pm on March 24, 2009 by Allahpundit

8 p.m. ET across the dial, or try if you’re sans TV. Serious question: Why did The One call this presser? Half of it will be esoterica about Geithner’s rescue plan, the other half will be perfunctory outrageous outrage about the AIG bonuses. We can do without more of either. If you’re watching and anxious for annotation entertainment (anno-tainment?), though, there’s an embarrassment of liveblogging riches to choose from. The boss will have something going, as will Ace — with special guest star Iowahawk filling in for Obama’s teleprompter. And in what I think is a first, Greg Gutfeld will be spending his night off sharing his thoughts with Daily Gut readers. Don’t mention Canada in the comments!

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Obama says, “Don’t Worry Be Happy Now!”

After spending most of his life telling Americans that the “Sky is Falling”

Obama, after 54 days in office , now says,

“Don’t Worry Be Happy!”

Our Economic Stability is Extraordinary!

(Bobby McFerrin Video Here)

(For more fun listen to them both at the same time)

From AOL News:

Obama Changes Tone on Economy, Says Fundamentals ‘Sound’

In a dramatic, and some might say cynical, change in message, President Barack Obama said yesterday that the fundamentals of the nation’s economy are, “sound.” The comments come just weeks after the president was consistently warning that the economy faced a “catastrophe” if Congress did not act to pass his $787 billion economic stimulus bill quickly. (Mark Impomeni)

Is there a Problem, President Obama?

Do you think he knows what he is doing?

From Daily News:

More than a bad day: Worries grow that Barack Obama & Co. have a competence problem

Not long ago, after a string of especially bad days for the Obama administration, a veteran Democratic pol approached me with a pained look on his face and asked, “Do you think they know what they’re doing?” (More from Daily News)

So, we are all supposed to be happy now and get on about the business of doing what Americans do: invest and prosper then spend…spend…spend!

Don’t forget those terrible people who actually work to receive health care benefits!

From Michelle Malkin:

“Administration Is Open to Taxing Health Benefits”

By Michelle Malkin • March 15, 2009 11:50 AM

That’s the headline in the NYTimes today:

“Administration Is Open to Taxing Health Benefits.”

To which one naturally responds: What isn’t the Administration Open to Taxing?


And what about those wascally executives:

From Malkin:

Geithner crawls on his knees to AIG; Plus: Sunday open thread

By Michelle Malkin • March 15, 2009 07:21 AM

Busy with offline stuff today. What’s on your minds?

Here’s a blood-boiler of the morning. Mr. Lonely Tim Geithner — who was instrumental in putting together the wealth-redistributing AIG “rescue” plan — now apparently believes that if says “pretty please with sugar on top,” the bailout behemoth will cut back on bonuses sure to deepen the disgust of outraged American taxpayers:

American International Group is giving its executives tens of millions of dollars in new bonuses even though it received a taxpayer bailout of more than $170 billion dollars.


For Some the American Economic System is working just fine!

From Michelle Malkin:

Culture of corruption alert: The Bank of Maxine Waters

By Michelle Malkin • March 12, 2009 11:08 AM

The WSJ shines light on bank haranguer Maxine Waters’ conflict of interest.

I’ll have much more to say about this in my syndicated column tomorrow.

More From Malkin on Waters:

Congresswoman Bank of OneUnited responds

By Michelle Malkin • March 13, 2009 06:17 PM

Congresswoman Bank of OneUnited (a.k.a. Maxine Waters) is spitting mad about the attention her business ties and conflicts of interest are receiving.

She issued a massively long statement today lashing back. You can read it here.


In love with politics or in love with Jesus.

Before the election many Christians debated weather or not to vote for Obama. Om my blog and even within my Christian relatives some insisted that Obama was the only answer for America. I asked if they were concerned about increased us of embryos for stem cell research. They answered in two ways: Some said that Obama would not increase stem cells supplied from embryos because he was a Christian and he knows the value of human life. Others stated that it was not the job of the government to dictate morality. Only God could do that and the people who were committing the acts of abortion and embryo research would have to face God on their own. Obviously Obama’s Christianity ends at the edge of the mothers stomach.

“For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

(Psalm 139: 13)

When life begins is “Above my pay grade”:

Those infamous words heard around the word are now coming full circle on President Obama. It is clear now that President Obama knows exactly when life begins, after the womb. So, you can take his statement from before the election and say that he has either changed his mind or he was just flat out lying. It doesn’ t really matter what Obama’s intentions were or what they are now, the reality is that embryonic stem cell research is bad for the unborn child. This action will increase the number of embryos who are destroyed for research that can be done with cells taken from adult and from skin cells.

“As you do not know the path of the wind,

or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb,

so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”

(Ecclesiastes 11:5)

The only question I have is how do Christians now justify their vote for Obama?

If you are a Christian who voted for Obama, Please comment below and tell me how you are feeling today.

Once again I ask, “Do you love your politics more than you love Jesus?”

Anybody remember this video?

From Tudor Vieru, Science Editor

2nd of March 2009, 19:00 GMT

Human Embryos No Longer Needed for Stem Cells

Researchers can get them from skin cells,

Two teams of researchers from the UK and Canada have discovered a new way of obtaining stem cells from nothing more than regular skin cells, and a few genes, which they manipulate so as to trigger the desired change in the cells. After the process, the obtained structural units behave exactly like embryonic stem ones, which means that they can be turned into any type of tissue geneticists want. This breakthrough may be the key to advancing stem cell research further, as most critics to this genetic method are against it because it obtains its cells from viable human embryos (More here)

God Bless,


*** *** ***

Should Christians hope for Obama’s failure or pray for his success?

From Michelle Malkin:

Photoshop flashback of the day

By Michelle Malkin • March 9, 2009 10:58 PM

With all the heated, intra-mural battles taking place over whether we can publicly hope Obama fails (at Hot Air, see Patterico vs. Jeff Goldstein), I thought it was high time for a comic relief flashback.

Via and scott t hong, a classic photoshop from last year’s campaign:

See, there’s no need to debate whether you want him to fail by succeeding or succeed by failing. No need to tear each other apart wondering how better or best conservatives should express themselves.

Barack Obama is FAIL.

That is all.


And what about this lady?

From Malkin:

Meet new HHS nominee Kathleen Sebelius — or rather, Kathleen Taxelius

By Michelle Malkin • March 2, 2009 01:24 PM

Barack Obama just introduced his latest candidate for the HHS position from which Tom Daschele withdrew over his, you know, tax goofs.

The new pick is Kansas Democrat Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. You’ll remember her cardboard-stiff SOTU response last and her snotty trashing of Sarah Palin.

Looks like there are no nanny and IRS issues in Sebelius’s closet. Her problem isn’t that she’s a tax cheat. It’s that she’s a taxaholic:

Other stains on the Sebelius record:

*Her abortion extremism and ties to late-term abortionist George Tiller.

*An auditing mess in her state’s health policy agency overseeing federal health care programs.

Heckuva job, Kathy!

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In love with politics or in love with Christ?

Many of you are probably wondering where I have been recently,

Others are probably rejoicing that I haven’t posted in a while.

Either way I am rejoicing in the Lord more and more each day.

I have been spending time with the Lord or should I say he has been speaking to me through my life and the world around me. The last few weeks have brought about circumstances in my life that have given me more clarity and understanding of my relationship with God and his will for me; more on this subject in the next few posts.

As Christians we are constantly asked why we are so concerned about politics. We are asked to justify our energy, our passion, our purpose for being involved in politics. Today I will begin the process of explaining our passion, our concerns, and our energy for politics. This first post is just a lead in for more to come. My first question to all Christians is:

Our you more in love with politics than you are in love with Jesus?

This is the question we must all ask ourselves deep within our souls. We must ask, are we controlled by the Holy Spirit or by our desire to win in politics? We must check our intentions daily; do we care more about our side winning or Jesus being the center of our lives, do we care more about taxes, health care, supporting our troops then about our personal relationship with Christ?

Today I post these questions for each one of us who are Bible believing Christians.

In the next few posts I will give you my vision and perspectives on these questions. For now I will say that I do not see my love for Christ as mutually exclusive from my passion for politics. In fact it is exactly my love for the Lord that inspires me to write about politics. As Isaid more on these issues to come.

I also post these questions for those non-believers, who question,

“Should Christians be passionate about politics?”

My Simple Answer is Yes!

As the days go one more will be revealed.

I leave you today with these words from Paul,

“But none of these things move me;

nor do I count my life dear to myself,

So that I may finish the race with joy, and

the ministry which I recieved from the Lord Jesus,

to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

(Acts 20: 24)

Feel free to leave your thougths on this subject.

God Bless,


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Do You Love Me? Jesus asks


This is the deepest and most difficult question all Christians

must struggle with during their walk on Earth.

He said to him the third time, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?”

Peter was grieved because He said to him the third time, “Do you love Me?

(John 21: 17)

But why ask a third time?

In our lives Jesus asks us many times in a single day, “Do you love Me?”

It is easy to say, “I love you”. I hear young people say that they love someone or that they are in love nearly everyday; one week they love one person the next week another. It is easy for man to say I love you to the woman he wants to marry. It is equally easy for that woman to repeat those words. But after marriage after ten or twenty years of marriage do those same two still show their love, their sacrifice through their actions, their faithfulness, their dying to self and give their all to their mate.

Saying you love someone is the easy part, proving that love through your actions and through the pain of self-sacrifice is the true evidence of ones devoted love. Going to work at a job you might not feel fulfilled in, to supply the home with income; bringing home a dozen roses for no reason; making that special dinner when your spouse has lost that youthful appearance; giving up childhood activities to spend time with your own children; staying away from opposite sex relationships even though your heart and flesh burn for that person. This are the actions that show others we love them.

Do we stand up for the unborn children?

Do we stand for one man-one woman Godly marriage?

Do we stand for marriage for life without divorce?

Do we stand for righteousness and holiness in our daily lives?

Do we stand for being good stewards of God’s money?

Jesus asks us daily to prove out our love through our thoughts and actions.

His purpose is to separate us from who we think we are. To remove us from our worldly image and attachment to our personality, our own self-image, our own earthly belief system. We are to be set apart from this world, from the flesh, and from those human thoughts that lead us away from Christ. He wants to break down those old man beliefs, images, self-talk, and replace them with the new man, new beliefs, Christ like image, and God-talk instead of self-talk. By sacrificing our own personalities and accepting His ways we show God that we love Him.

He tells Peter to “Feed My lambs”, “Tend My sheep” and “Feed My sheep”.

As Christians we are to be about God’s work. We are to be giving up our human wants, our self-image, our fleshly desires to tend to His work of bringing others to Christ. We are not needed for God’s work to be done, but doing God’s work is needed for us to grow closer to God. Because we are still in our human form on earth with other humans the best gift we can give back to God is our obedience, sacrifice, humbleness, and love for one another. As Christians we show our love for Him through loving others. By sacrificing we are freed from our earthly chains, we are lifted up through giving up our earthly human self-interests. Obedience to God gives us freedom from our flesh.

He wants to divide our soul and spirit from the flesh and bone,

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword,

piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow,

and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

And there is no creature hidden from His sight,

but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

(Hebrews 4:12)

He knows the depths of our thoughts, our hearts, and sees our actions. The only response we can have then asked, “Do you love Me” is to pour out our lives to Him, in humble obedience, self-sacrifice, and living our lives by the guidance of the Holy Spirit who is indwelt in us. If we continue to live our lives by our own human selfishness then we cannot say we truly love Him. We have spent our whole earthly lives building up our image, our self-perception of who we are. Christ asks that we let go of the old man and be renewed in Him and replace our old thoughts with Christ like thinking which will reflect Christ like actions.

Jesus says, “You follow Me” regardless of what others do!

Jesus said to him,

“If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.”

(John 21: 22)

We cannot look around and watch what others do. We must do what Christ would have us do regardless of the status quo. We must do what Christ would have us do even if our friends, relatives, coworkers, and the modern culture fight against His word and His way. We are to be set apart, sacrificed, humbled and obedient to Him.

Jesus tells us that if we truly love Him we will persecuted during our walk with Him.

Most assuredly, I say to you, when you were younger,

you girded yourself and walked where you wished;

but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and another will gird you

and carry you where you do not wish.”

This He spoke, signifying by what death he would glorify God.

And when He had spoken this, He said to him, “Follow Me.”

(John 21 :18)

God Bless, riggword

From Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest”


“Lovest thou Me?” John 21:17

Peter declares nothing now (cf. Matthew 26:33-35). Natural individuality professes and declares; the love of the personality is only discovered by the hurt of the question of Jesus Christ. Peter loved Jesus in the way in which any natural man loves a good man. That is temperamental love; it may go deep into the individuality, but it does not touch the centre of the person. True love never professes anything. Jesus said – “Whosoever shall confess Me before men,” i.e., confess his love not merely by his words, but by everything he does.

Unless we get hurt right out of every deception about ourselves, the word of God is not having its way with us. The word of God hurts as no sin can ever hurt, because sin blunts feeling. The question of the Lord intensifies feeling, until to be hurt by Jesus is the most exquisite hurt conceivable. It hurts not only in the natural way but in the profound personal way. The word of the Lord pierces even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, there is no deception left. There is no possibility of being sentimental with the Lord’s question; you cannot say nice things when the Lord speaks directly to you, the hurt is too terrific. It is such a hurt that it stings every other concern out of account. There never can be any mistake about the hurt of the Lord’s word when it comes to His child; but the point of the hurt is the great point of revelation.

*** *** ***

Paul Harvey was a Good Godly Man!

From Michelle Malkin:

RIP Paul Harvey

By see-dubya • February 28, 2009 09:21 PM

(Post by guest-blogger emeritus See-Dubya)

One of the great voices of authentic heartland America fell silent today. Paul Harvey was doing nationwide conservative talk radio for decades before anyone thought of it as conservative talk radio. Everybody recognizes his distinctive, quirky voice with the…….odd pauses and offbeat emphases, but his success was about far more than his distinctive diction.

Posted by: riggword | February 24, 2009

Obama speech of the century part 2

Money Money Money, for everybody, it’s a liberal world!

So another President another first 30-days-speech…..yawn!!!

I have never bought into the idea that slick talk out ways true substance. Bill Clinton charmed and denied his way into the hearts of Americans. Obama is using his silky strong teleprompter skills to win the allegiance of millions of Americans. President Bush stuttered and mispronounced his way into Michael Moore’s trash heap. Lefty Michael Moore types excluded, at least with President Bush even when you didn’t agree with him his points are reasonable to follow and at least plausible.

Yet Obama like Clinton never explain or follow through on viable procedures and policies that can actually be positive and accomplished. Bill and Hillary talked for eight years about Health Care Reform and gave us Hillary’s secretive 500 member panel debacle. At least Bill Clinton had some sense of financial restraint. Obama keeps telling us that he will spend us out of economic hard times. Then he is going to lower the dept and increase the military. Add it up folks, this is not rocket science. Negative 2 trillion dollars minus 1 trillion dollars minus ½ a trillion dollars minus….equals a whole lotta minus!

I agree with this observation from Riehl World,

Um, I nodded off and missed the speech but from a tip, the text and Google – it seems fair to question this bit on health care.

For that same reason, we must also address the crushing cost of health care. This is a cost that now causes a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds. By the end of the year, it could cause 1.5 million Americans to lose their homes.

That could be called a gross exaggeration … well actually, more like a lie.

Putting aside that it now seems impossible to lose your home in Oba-land, a bankruptcy every 30 seconds equals 2 a minute, = 120 an hour = 2889 a day = 1,051,200 a year.

According to the WaPo on January 4, 08 and CNN Money for 08 and 09 projected, while it likely justifies his annual number, health care isn’t even listed in the items. It’s all about credit abuse – a topic about which Obama now has no room to talk, thanks to his stimulus plan. Linking health care to personal bankruptcy right now seems to amount to taking advantage of the economic crisis. Like Rahm suggested, you can’t let a good one go by without change. But his numbers combined with the health care reasoning don’t come close to adding up. And History has shown a president willing to lie about facts could prove to be the biggest crisis of any one administration.

More than 800,000 personal bankruptcy filings were made in 2007, compared with more than 573,000 in 2006 — the lowest level since 1998, according to data collected by the National Bankruptcy Research Center and published by the American Bankruptcy Institute, a research group in Alexandria.

Samuel J. Gerdano, executive director of the American Bankruptcy Institute, said in a statement that the trend is likely to worsen this year as consumers’ high debt loads are “made worse by the home mortgage crisis.”

Personal bankruptcy filings for most of this decade had been much higher — around 1.5 million annually. But after an eight-year campaign by banks, retailers and credit card companies, Congress in 2005 passed the biggest changes in U.S. bankruptcy laws in a quarter-century, mandating an income test to measure a debtor’s ability to repay obligations. (More From Riehl World)

I can’t even remark on this speech any more. Perhaps you have a stronger stomach than I; I couldn’t even listen to the speech, I had to read it. Please read Hugh Hewitt’s account followed by Michelle Malkin’s. They have iron stomachs for this sort of thing. (riggword)

From Hugh Hewitt:

Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 10:23 PM Nicely delivered, and it remains inspiring to see an African-American conduct the rituals of the presidency. The First Lady was also full of obvious cheer, and her embrace of the young girl from South Carolina after the president referenced her touching letter was the best moment of the night.

I liked the pledge to increase the size of the Army and the Marine Corps, the pay of all military and benefits for veterans, and hope that isn’t accomplished by taking a 280 ship Navy to 250, etc.

The trouble with the speech, of course, is that what the president promises to do simply cannot be done, because the costs are so staggeringly high that the economy cannot bear all or even most of them absent the sort of renewed economic growth that soaring tax rates will snuff out.

The problem with President Obama’s agenda is that it is built on serial fantasies, fantasies which ignore the real benefits of things such as nuclear power and oil exploration. The president’s talk was well phrased and beautifully delivered, and deeply disconnected from the realities of economic growth.

Congressional Democrats have the numbers to push through many of the things the president wants, but each concrete proposal will travel the same course as the porkulus traveled –from high flown rhetoric to disappointing legislative language to off-putting low and deceptive politics. The president’s negative ratings soared in one month, and that’s a trend that will continue because the American people continue to view government with suspicion and to resent the vast waste of tax dollars they have already seen on a scale never before witnessed in D.C.

From Michelle Malkin sums up the Obama slobbering press:

Obamedia Drool Bucket Award

By Michelle Malkin • February 24, 2009 11:31 PM

And the bucket goes to…Ron Fournier of the Associated Press for this overflowing, slobbering prose:

Analysis: Obama address renews audacity to hope

By RON FOURNIER – 46 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama gave America the audacity to hope again.

After describing the U.S. economy in nearly apocalyptic terms for weeks, pushing his $787 billion stimulus plan through Congress, the president used his address to Congress on Tuesday night to tap the deep well of American optimism — the never-say-die spirit that every president tries to capture in words. And great presidents embody.


Reminds him of Reagan?

Ron Fournier’s review:

Analysis: Obama address renews audacity to hope

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama gave America the audacity to hope again.

After describing the U.S. economy in nearly apocalyptic terms for weeks, pushing his $787 billion stimulus plan through Congress, the president used his address to Congress on Tuesday night to tap the deep well of American optimism — the never-say-die spirit that every president tries to capture in words. And great presidents embody.

“We will rebuild. We will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before,” Obama said, echoing Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.


Here is part of Obama’s master plan

“The administration hopes to trim the deficit by scaling back Iraq war spending, raising taxes on the wealthiest and streamlining government.” (From AP)

I agree with Obama, raise taxes on the wealthiest,

How about we start by taking 80% from Obama’s rich friends,

George Soros: “In 1992, Soros earned one billion dollars in a one day by betting that the British pound would fall. Although Soros denies it, there are some that accuse him of causing the 1997 Asian economic crisis by his betting against the Thai baht.” (American Spectator)

Bill Clinton: “Former president Bill Clinton, who came to the White House with modest means and left deeply in debt, has collected nearly $40 million in speaking fees over the past six years, according to interviews and financial disclosure statements filed by his wife.” (Washington Post)

“Since it was established in 1997, the Clinton Foundation has raised more than $500 million…The list released yesterday includes some controversial figures and companies. Affiliates of the Korean conglomerate Hanwha — Hanwha L&C, Hanwha Engineering and Construction, and Hanwha Stores — donated about $1 million after Clinton traveled to Seoul in 2003 and appeared with Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-youn. Kim has been charged and jailed in Korea on public corruption allegations.” (Washington Post)

Bill Ayers: Obama and Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers worked together, no doubt closely, in the heat of political battle to help disburse more than $100 million to allies in the Chicago School system. (Digg)

ACORN: Your tax dollars at work: Bank of America forks over $2 million to ACORN (Michelle Malkn)

On Feb. 18, I warned about the ACORN civil disobedience mob working in ideological tandem with Barack Obama to bully Washington into passing a massive new foreclosure prevention/mortgage entitlement scheme. On Feb. 20, I noted that ACORN garnered nationwide media attention for breaking and entering into a foreclosed home in Baltimore at 315 South Ellwood Ave. ACORN vows to use “any means necessary” to stop foreclosures. Baltimore police have taken fingerprints at the break-in site and the current owner, William Lane, says he will sue ACORN. The home was sold in June 2008 for $192,000. This morning, ACORN official Louis Beverly will face a burglary charge. Look for the Left to turn him into a martyr. (Michelle Malkin)

Craig Meister at the points me to this typical CNN sob story clip of a bus driver named Minta Garcia who is demanding that President Obama halt all foreclosures. She’s underwater on an $800,000 home. (Michelle Malkin)

Abortion industry: “Senate roll call vote: Taxpayer funding of overseas abortions reinstated: Here’s the Senate roll call vote on the so-called Mexico City Policy. Congrats! Your tax dollars will fund overseas abortions once more.” (Michelle Malkin)

Planned Parenthood obscene profits: “Not a joke: The billion-dollar Planned Parenthood empire By Michelle Malkin • April 1, 2008 12:40 PM: Planned Parenthood’s annual budget has surpassed $1 billion. Why the hell do they need our tax dollars? From the American Life League:

“It is absolutely incredible,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League, “but the annual report just released by Planned Parenthood Federation of America shows that $114 million of the government funds received by Planned Parenthood were not needed and only increased the abortion giant’s assets.”

Sedlak was referring to the 2006 — 2007 PPFA annual report released late last week. The report shows that PPFA had a total income of $1.02 billion. Of that total, $258.7 million came from donations; $366.9 million came from fees charged customers at its clinics; and a whopping $336.7 million came from the American taxpayer.

The report also showed that PPFA recorded a profit of $114.8 million and increased its total assets to $1.12 billion. Instead, the report finds Planned Parenthood doing more abortions than ever before. The report shows an increase in the number of provided abortions from 264,943 in 2005 to 289,650 in 2006. Planned Parenthood reveals it has doubled “excess of revenue over expenses” funds from $55.7 million in 2005 to $112 million in 2006.” (Michelle Malkin)

I say why not take all of their money to help out a great cause…the government!

If Bill Ayers would have gotten his way we wouldn’t have any rich people to tax!

“Mr. Ayers in 1970 was said to have summed up the Weatherman philosophy as: ‘Kill all the rich people'”. (New York Times)

And now if Obama keeps it up we will have no rich people left in America,

They’ll either move or end up in the poor house with the rest of us.

From Michelle Malkin:

And the perfect metaphor for the Obama stock market plunge

By Michelle Malkin • February 23, 2009 06:14 PM

Obama-capulco Cliff Dive! Look out below…


What’s Next?

From Malkin:

9,000 earmarks in the $410 billion omnibus spending bill: Gang tattoo removal, Maine lobster, La Raza & more!

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 23, 2009 11:11 PM

You want earmarks? There are lots and lots and lots of earmarks in the $410 billion omnibus spending bill coming down the road. Not that any of the people who are going to vote for it will actually read it, of course. If they did, they couldn’t look into the camera and sanctimoniously declare that, uh, you know, “There are no earmarks.”

Posted by: riggword | February 22, 2009

Perseverance and diligence through times of tribulation

It is times like these that we must find strength in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:

“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love. For if these things are yours and abound, you will be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. For he who lacks these things is shortsighted, even to blindness, and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sins.
Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure, for if you do these things you will never stumble; for so an entrance will be supplied to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 1: 2-11, NKJV)

Even when the world seems to be heading towards destruction we have our hope in Jesus:

It is no accident and not a coincidence that tribulation comes to Christians. We are set here on this planet to grow closer to Christ in our daily lives. Sometimes that process takes us into times of strife and trouble. We are called to persevere and hold strong to our beliefs. Sometimes political changes, governmental power, and worldly leadership can create what seems to be hopeless or desperate situations around us. As Christians our hope lies with Christ and our being indwelt with His divine nature. This divine nature is our key to preservenrance and diligence.

In times like these we are given the courage and freedom to grow closer to Christ. In times like these His love will carry us through. In times like these we will be inspired to move toward “giving all diligence, adding to our faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love” by His divine nature which we are partakers of.

Friends, I do not have fear or worry about the current political situation in America.

I have complete faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and his divine nature that indwells in me. I move forward with perserverance and diligence toward a closer relationship with Christ and a greater understanding of His nature, substance, and love. I move closer to Christ by praying for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of Him.

Political systems, elections, government interference in our lives are of this fallen world; not His.

As a steward of my life and a follower of Christ it is my duty, responsibility and desire to resist governments, political leaders, and legislation that oppose God’s word, the Holy Bible. As I walk on this planet in His divine nature, I am also a human in the community of man. I have the right to choose what flavor of ice cream I like to eat; I have the freedom to choose the career I want to endeavor in; I also have the right, freedom, and duty to oppose political movements that move against my beliefs, passions and desires.

Because I am a man who believes in virtue, integrity, the Judeo-Christian ethic and right of the individual to determine his/her own destiny, I oppose totalitarian socialistic oppressive governments. What I see is America heading in that direction. It is easier to stop the train before it leaves the station then try and jump in front of it after it has gained speed and heading down the track. When America begins to head towards socialism the rest of the world takes a step back and loses its own fortitude to resist powerful leaders.

These are the reasons I spend so much time blogging against the current direction America is heading. I am in now way worried about my future as I know I am in God’s hands. I am not forlorn or forsaken in this world because of worldly things; God is my light, my salvation, my hope. His divine nature indwells in me. No political agenda, climate change panic, collectivist propaganda, atheistic world view, or totalitarian government can take His love, His reassurance, His promises away from me. No economic downturn, stock market plunge, credit crunch, or job layoff will sway me from my appointment with Jesus in heaven.

Having said this I fight on with Perseverance, Diligence, and Love for this Country and the people of the world.

Because you have kept My command to persevere,

I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world,

to test those who dwell on the earth.

(Revelation 3:10)

From Oswald Chambers:


“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

“Tenacity is more than endurance, it is endurance combined with the absolute certainty that what we are looking for is going to transpire. Tenacity is more than hanging on, which may be but the weakness of being too afraid to fall off. Tenacity is the supreme effort of a man refusing to believe that his hero is going to be conquered. The greatest fear a man has is not that he will be damned, but that Jesus Christ will be worsted, that the things He stood for – love and justice and forgiveness and kindness among men – will not win out in the end; the things He stands for look like will-o’-the-wisps. Then comes the call to spiritual tenacity, not to hang on and do nothing, but to work deliberately on the certainty that God is not going to be worsted.

If our hopes are being disappointed just now, it means that they are being purified. There is nothing noble the human mind has ever hoped for or dreamed of that will not be fulfilled. One of the greatest strains in life is the strain of waiting for God. “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience.”

Continue in perseverance spiritually.” (Chambers)

God Bless,


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